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The Drive to Thrive: CRE Cinderella Stories

Behind the scenes of some of the most significant turnaround efforts of the past five years.

One of the most amazing things about commercial real estate development and investment is its ability to transform. From rehabilitation to adaptive reuse to portfolio realignment, some of the most noteworthy—and satisfying—turnaround efforts in the business are the ones that take an “ugly duckling” and turn it into something better, brighter and more profitable.

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Community Preservation Partners Marks Largest Deal With Oakland Multifamily Buy


Community Preservation Partners (CPP) has acquired 203 affordable housing units in Oakland in a JV with Related Affordable.

The JV bought two multifamily properties from the same private owner: Mohr 1 and Oak Center apartments. The total cost of the transaction (including renovations, reserves and financing) is projected to be $119M. The combined deal is the largest CPP has made since it was founded in 2004. The acquired complexes join five other Bay Area housing sites in the company’s affordable housing portfolio.

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There’s Unmet Demand for Larger Units in Rental Housing

National Real Estate Investor

There are numerous initiatives focused on creating more affordable apartment units.

Most of these initiatives are targeting the Millennials—those renters that are between the ages of 18 and 34 and single. These initiatives include “micro” units, which are sized generally below 400 sq. ft., and “adult dormitories,” a communal housing configuration akin to college dormitory experience.

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Beyond the Drought

Multi-Housing News

Water conservation addressing dwindling resources, rising expenses.

As water costs rise and municipalities mandate usage, the multifamily industry is undergoing a natural transformation to become more water efficient through new technology, improved operations and better maintenance techniques.

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